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NYC Old Skool Hangout
On a sunny weekend day from 3pm on, you'll likely find us at Central Park. There's a track bike hangout on a walkway leading down from the Bandshell to the famous outdoor roller disco. This is south of the 72nd Street transverse, by "Dead Road."

The roller disco is run by the Central Park Dance Skaters Association. They play old skool music, which has lured folks to congregate in this spot. Just listen for the music and look for the track bikes. There's a map on the New York Skate's site. Just scroll down through the map and look for the "Dance Circle."

For a photo of the spot, see the Old Skool Convention photo.

Soulful new-style Old Skool music can be heard and downloaded for free from, friend of Old Skool Track. Other friends of Old Skool Track include soulful house DJ Brian Cabalic, who has downloads available here, and up-and-coming DJ Jason Macias, who has a mellow, beautiful, jazzy style rarely heard elsewhere. Write Jason at